MEDIACOM SOLUTIONS INC. is a leading Philippine event management and marketing communications company, supporting over 80 business sectors in 6 anual trade and consumer events in Metro Manila and Cebu. The company owns and manages a portfolio of successful sector leading exhibitions, conferences, publications, websites and social networks to support various business sectors. MEDIACOM SOLUTIONS INC. excels in creating high profile, highly targeted business and consumer exhibitions and events to establish and maintain business relations, and generate new business. We delivers contacts, content and communities with the power to transform your business.

MEDIACOM SOLTUIONS events play a vital role in building industry networks and sustaining business communities, as well as facilitating education and professional learning. Every event is developed based on extensive customer research, guided and enriched by industry partners, informed by local market expertise. From world-class exhibitions to agenda-setting conferences, networking breakfasts to gala award ceremonies, continuing education to 365 online global communities, there’s a MEDIACOM SOLUTIONS event to help you meet your objectives.

MEDIACOM SOLUTIONS events deliver more: More opportunities to do business, to see and be seen, to listen and learn, and to connect with the people that count.

If you want learn more how MEDIACOM SOLUTIONS can help your business, contact us today at info@mediacom.ph or at +63-2-759 1476.




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